Special Life Events - Weddings (and Banns), Funerals and Baptisms

We are delighted to share with you in the significant events in your life and in your family.


If you wish to book a wedding, we will seek to give you the best possible experience. 


Baptism is open to all.  it is the way new Christians are made and welcomed into God's church. It is a beautiful and symbolic service in which the Christian symbols of the cross, water and light play an important part.

If you wish to be baptised, or have your child baptised, please contact us.


Funerals can take place in church. We are also available to take funerals at crematoria on behalf of the church. 


Banns will be read for 3 consecutives weeks at our 10am public Worship. 

For more information, please contact Revd David Parker (Priest-in-Charge) on 07532338961 or Corinne Treacy (Churchwarden) on 0755 2640151 or email us. 

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