Facilities and features


Road parking outside the church.

This a temporary ramp placed for each service, and kept just inside the main door.

A large print service booklet is available for Common Worship Services.

All dogs are welcome in the church and churchyard when accompanied by their owners.
We ask that you respect the churchyard and clean up after your dog. A bin for the depositing of dog waste is situated on the village green.

These are only served during Rennington Scarecrows on August Bank Holidays.

Our Building

We will be installing a water butt to conserve rainwater for the use of flower arrangers, both in church and at the graveside.

Music and Worship

During Rennington Scarecrows each August Bank Holiday we have live music in the church as well as serving refreshments.

See History of church for more details

These are held on the THIRD SUNDAY of the month at 9am. The service is conducted from the BCP and is said.
Some priests do like to provide some recorded music for use during this service.

Groups, Courses and Activities

Help for Visitors

A guide board is available to enable visitors to tour the church building.
A Guide Book is available for purchase at £2.50 from the church and contains far more information than the guide board gives.

The church is opened and shut by a small team of volunteers who open the church at or before 10am and close the church at 4pm or later. During winter months these times may vary and in bad weather the church may not be opened, but if you require entry, please contact the Church Warden.

Other Features