Guide to Churchyard Policy

The Parochial Church Council (P.C.C.) of All Saints Church, Rennington hope that all parishioners, friends and relatives may find the following information useful when dealing with the delicate and difficult situation of bereavement.

There are “rights” to burial in a church graveyard, that is, for those who were living in the parish at the time of decease, or who actually died in the parish.

These differ to the rights of burial in a municipal cemetery.

This PCC has an open policy.


*Can I reserve a space for a burial in the churchyard? No

*Can I select a specific space/plot?  The situation of a new grave will be the next in the current row.

*Is provision is made in the churchyard for family plots? No

*Do I need permission to erect a headstone? Yes. An application form may be obtained from Rev. A. Hardy,  Priest-in-Charge and Area Dean, however, a minimum period of 6 months should elapse between the death of the person to be commemorated and the application for permission.

*Do the family/ relatives have responsibility for the upkeep of the burial plot? Yes. The appearance of the grave must be in keeping with the rest of the graveyard. The headstone must always be in a safe condition.

Cremated Remains

*Do I need permission to bury ashes in the churchyard?  Yes.  Cremated remains in this churchyard are "inhumated" in a prepared plot in the space provided at the west end of the church. 

(This is the designated area for Rennington Church).

A flat memorial plaque may be placed over the space - an application for this may be made to the Rev. A. Hardy.

Ashes may be buried in an existing family space with permission from the Rev. A. Hardy.

The burial of ashes in a casket is treated as a burial, and permission from the Rev. A. Hardy must be obtained as for a burial and attracts a higher fee.

*Do the family/relatives have responsibility for the upkeep of the space? Yes.  The space must be in keeping with the rest of the area.

*Can I select a specific space? No.

*Does All Saints Church have a Remembrance Garden for the scattering of ashes? No.

*Does All Saints Church have a Remembrance Book? No.

*Whom do I contact to arrange a church service or for further advice? 

Rev Alison Hardy, Vicar of the Benefice of Embleton with Rennington and Rock,  Area Dean of Alnwick.  Tel.: 01665 571314  Mob. 07503 942011

The Churchwarden (01665 577174  Mob. 07444880137).

Composed with reference to The Rules in Respect of Churchyards made by the Chancellor of the Diocese

© Rennington & Rock PCC 2010 - Edited by Paul N I Weston 2014 - Updated  Paul N I Weston Sept 2019

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