Church of England Diocese of Newcastle Rennington and Rock

Latest Annual Report


All Saints Church is situated in the village of Rennington, Northumberland, and part of the Diocese of Newcastle within the Church of England.

The correspondence address is: PCC Secretary, South Croft, Rennington, Alnwick. NE66 3RR

The Parochial Church Council (PCC) is a charity exempted from registration with the Charity Commission.

PCC members who have served from 4th March 2019 until the date this report is approved ( March 2020) are:

Incumbent: Reverend Alison Hardy (Priest-in-Charge)

Lay Chair: Mr. Jay Bosanquet

Reader: Mr. William Devonshire (& Safeguarding Officer)

Church Wardens: Mr. Paul Weston (Rennington)

Mr. Jay Bosanquet and Mr. Brian Eke (Rock)

Representatives on the Deanery Synod:

Mr. William Devonshire & Mr. Paul Weston

Elected Members :

Mrs. Sara Eke

Mrs. Adelaide Thompson ( stood down August 2019)

Mrs. Hilary Walls

Mrs. Judith Weston (Assistant Church Warden)

Mrs Carole Dent

PCC Secretary: Mrs. Judith Weston

Treasurer: Mr. Brian Eke.


Barclays, 20 Bondgate Within, Alnwick


CBF Church of England Funds, Senator House, 85 Queen Victoria Street, London EC4V 4ET

Independent Examiner of Accounts: Ms. Wendy Kenway-Smith, 4 Southfield, Rennington.


The method of appointment of PCC members is as set out in the Church Representation Rules. All Church attendees are encouraged to register on the Electoral Roll and stand for election to the PCC.


All Saints PCC has, with St Philip & St James Rock, the responsibility of co-operating with the incumbent in promoting the whole, pastoral, evangelistic, social and ecumenical mission of the Church in the ecclesiastical parish. It also has maintenance responsibilities.


Church Attendance

There are 11 parishioners on the Church Electoral Roll which was fully revised this year and also 8 parishioners on the Electoral Roll for Rock.

The average attendance at Sunday 10.15am service has reduced to 13 partly due to the introduction of a service at Holy Trinity, Embleton and an ageing congregation find cold weather a deterrent to attending church despite an additional heater having been acquired; the average attendance at the 9.00am 1662 service has stayed at 12;. The make-up of the congregation differs slightly between the two types of service in that some parishioners prefer to attend one type of service only. Bad weather affected services at the end of February/ beginning of March.

Attendance at the Benefice Eucharist was up to 56 including 4 under 15’s; 9 attended the Easter Vigil and 19 attended on Easter morning. 21 attended the Harvest Festival Service at 10.15am on 6th October. Produce was donated to The People’s Kitchen in Newcastle. A representative from The People’s Kitchen gave a short talk at the end of the service to outline the work of the organisation.

Once again our Carol Singing in The Grange Retirement Home was well supported and received.

Attendance at the Christmas Carol Service at 4.30pm on Christmas Eve was 46 adults and 8 children though quite a number of residents were unable to attend due to illness; there was no Christmas morning service here this year

The Carol Singing around Rennington for the Children’s Society was cancelled due to inclement weather, but a short period of carol singing took place in the Horse Shoes Inn before the draw for the Luxury Hamper Raffle: a collection box placed in the Horseshoes raised £30.

There have been no Marriage Services or Baptism Services and no funerals or burials during the year

The tradition of coffee & biscuits after our 10.15am Sunday service continues with most of those attending church remaining behind for this social gathering.

Review of the Year

The full PCC of Rennington and Rock met 5 times with an average of 6 members in attendance, and we were pleased to welcome Mrs. Carole Dent to the PCC; the PCC met once with Embleton PCC in January.

Archdeacon Peter Robinson paid us his triennial visit to inspect the church and environs. He was pleased with the cleanliness and tidiness of the church and that all paperwork was in order. He also commented on how well Northumberland County Council were keeping the Closed part of the churchyard. He raised the matter of, or lack of, the ‘Listing’ of the church and provided information for us a few days later. The leads he gave were pursued by Mrs. Weston but to no avail and there are no official records available.

An additional gas heater was donated by Mr. and Mrs. A. Tremlett.

We welcomed Rev. Ian Chadwick to our church and parish as Curate. We wish him well and look forward to his ministry in our parish.

We thank all those who have assisted in our worship during the year:

Rev. J Glover; Rev. I Mackarill; Rev. R Burston; Rev. G Lonsdale.

Voluntary Organist: David Head

Mrs. Judith Weston for assisting with the administration of the Chalice.

Ms. Wendy Kenway-Smith for being our Independent Examiner of Accounts .

Bill Devonshire indicated that he would be stepping down from his post as Safeguarding Officer at the AGM in 2020,

and we thank him for his past work in this post.

Warm thanks and gratitude are offered to all those who have contributed to the support of the church, through gifts, works and fund raising. The contribution of the Reader & Church Wardens from St Philip & St James at Rock is noted. Those members of the village who do not attend regular services (or who are not of our faith) are particularly mentioned for their support of the church in other ways, e.g. cleaning & flower arranging; helping and providing food for the Rennington Scarecrows refreshments in the church.

Fund Raising

Rennington Scarecrows once again proved to be a hard-working but good fund-raiser with £1429 being raised.

We did not hold a Harvest supper this year but Rev. Hardy, her sister Janet and their mother provided a Parish Christmas Lunch which was well received and raised £160 each for both Rennington & Rock churches.

The luxury Christmas Hamper Raffle was once again a success raising £960 plus a very generous donation of £40

from our organist. A donation of £150 was also received from Indica Properties Ltd., the company building houses at South East Farm. The hamper contents being generously donated by residents and businesses of Rennington, the local area and Waitrose in Newcastle. Thanks are given to Mrs. Judy Weston for all her hard work with this fund-raiser.

Our thanks are offered to Mrs. Judith Weston, PCC Secretary and Assistant Church Warden, for her tireless efforts in fund raising and to members of the Benefice who have given of their time and baking skills to help raise funds at Scarecrows. See Treasurer’s Report for full details.

Finally, thanks to those who tirelessly give their time and efforts to sustaining the church and its grounds, including Mr. Neil Cockburn who braves the heights of the tower to maintain the clock, raise the flag and do minor repairs with Mr. Brian Connelly who has also worked hard to keep the clock chiming; Mr. David Tulip and Mr. Kevin Ogle for their occasional help.

Thanks are also due to Mr. Kevin Ogle for voluntary grass-cutting in the open graveyard, and Mr. & Mrs. James Thompson for their support, home-baked scones and providing a Christmas tree for the church. Many thanks to those who provide flowers to decorate the church not forgetting those who help keep the church clean and tidy.

Fabric Review

General maintenance continues with gutter cleaning and removal of leaves from the boiler house door.

An investigation took place to price work to provide a new electrical system, including water supply and sewerage to the church. It became clear that the amount required (some £40000+) was not going to be raised. As a non-listed church with a social centre already in the village, it was would be difficult to find grant awarding bodies for this amount.

A small amount of electrical work was carried out to replace the two expired Nave flood lamps and to place two LED lights outside the church porch and on the tower to light the path. The heater switches in the Vestry were also moved lower to make them more accessible.

Further action points on the Quinquennial Review are being reviewed as and when funds become available.


Two new headstones have been placed in the Open graveyard, and an application has been approved, and fees paid, for the replacement, with added inscription, of the smaller of the Paynter plaques under the west window.

The Closed Churchyard area continues to be maintained by Northumberland County Council who have provided very welcome work not only grass-cutting but trimming trees and hedges. The PCC will still retain overall responsibility for the graveyard and continue to provide Public Liability insurance cover; future burials will continue in the newest section, and interment of cremated remains in the area set aside for this.


A policy will be stated when needed with an increased level of funding.

This report was approved by the PCC on March 2020, and signed on their behalf by:

Rev. A. Hardy (Priest-in-Charge) …………………………………………………………………………………