Rennington and Rock Parochial Church Council

Church Wardens have an important role in the life of our parish churches. They must be legally admitted to office and, as the Bishop's lay officers, they are responsible directly to her for the life and work of their church. Some of their responsibilities include the inspection of the fabric; keeping proper records; the cleanliness and overall appearance of the church; the safety, warmth and well-being of the congregation; to maintain order and decency in the church and churchyard; and, to ensure the PCC meets its financial obligation. Also, and more importantly,to enable the Vicar to carry out her own specific duties.

Paul Weston is Church Warden for All Saints, Rennington; his wife Judy is Assistant Church Warden and PCC Secretary.

The Parochial Church Council (PCC) also has many responsibilities which include caring for and maintaining and preserving the fabric; goods and ornaments of the church;t hey are responsible for the income and expenditure of the parish and must maintain financial records and annual financial statements, a task undertaken by Brian Eke, our Treasurer. They also co-operate with the Vicar in promoting the mission of the Church.

The PCC is also responsible for appointing and directing a Church Electoral Officer who is required to compile and maintain an Electoral Roll. Anyone resident in the parish and who has the qualifications detailed below is entitled to make application to have their name entered on the roll.

The qualifications are:

to be baptised, aged over 16; a member of the Church of England (or of a church in communion with the Church of England) and are resident in the parish.

OR, as before, but not a resident and have habitually attended public worship in the parish during the period of 6 months prior to enrolment.

This all sounds very official but we are a friendly bunch, trying to do God's work as best we can. If there is anything you wish to discuss, or questions you may have, we are all very approachable and are there to help. You will always receive a very warm welcome at any of our services.

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