Guide to the Church Interior


 ALL SAINTS BANNER beside pulpit, showing Martyr’s crown. Newly re worked by Mary Short.

 PULPIT and LECTERN both oak memorials to Matthew and Eleanor Nixon, 1899. Scripture is read, and the Service of the Word conducted from the lectern. Candles lit during worship to symbolise the light of the Gospel.

NAVE WINDOWS from east to west, the FOUR ARCHANGELS (by Cox & Buckley)

Gabriel (the messenger) with scroll - Hail Mary full of grace - lily, symbol of purity of Mary.

Raphael (the healer) with staff and fish. In the book of Tobit he heals the earth of the sins of the fallen angels.

Uriel with trumpet and herb, found only in Jewish writings.

Michael (the champion) with flaming sword with which Satan was banished from heaven, (Revelation 12.7) and scales of judgement, which Michael tries to weight in favour of Christian souls whilst Satan pulls against.

All the windows in this church were fully restored in 1998 by Iona Glass, Warkworth. Sponsored by Local People.

Above the inner west doors a wooden cross donated by Mr & Mrs D Barraclough of Rennington


FONT 14th Cent, octagonal and originally from Embleton Church.

PASCHAL CANDLE in lofty iron stand by Martin Goom, Callaly 1994. Lit for worship during Eastertide, also at baptisms and funerals, a symbol of the Light of Christ.

WEST WINDOW shows the Baptism of Christ with John the Baptist and the Holy Spirit as a dove. This is my beloved Son.

PIPE ORGAN by W Denington, London its date is unknown though the archives at Woodhorn have recorded "Papers relating to the removal and sale of organ at Rennington church, Northumberland "- dated June 1919. There are also recorded " Faculty papers relating to Rennington, Northumberland, installation of organ blower" - dated 20 Dec 1988. 

ROOD LOFT, or beam, spanning the chancel arch to support the Cross. This ornament was common in Mediaeval times and many elaborate examples survive. Frequently imitated in Victorian restorations as here. The gilded Latin words translate "So God loved the World (John 3.16). In the centre of the cross the device - "IHS – the first three Greek letters for the name of Jesus.

KNEELERS embroidered by Local People 2001.


ALTAR for the celebration of Holy Communion, the frontal will show the colour of the season.

COMMUNION KNEELERS embroidered in 1984 by Mr & Mrs Middleton with symbols:

Double Triangle,

Seal of Solomon, (perfect God and perfect Man).

Tongues of Flame

Holy Spirit at Pentecost.

Chalice, the Passion of Christ

Crown, kingly power.

Sun, Son of Righteousness.

Pentalapha, 5-pointed star of Bethlehem.


(19th Cent.) Restored by Pat Torrance and fitted with new bases by Douglas Dunn of Rock.


Topmost light: St. Michael as soldier with shield and sword.

Below: angels with scrolls - Holy, Holy, Holy and Lord God of hosts.

Central Panel: Christ enthroned in glory - right hand blessing, orb held in left, supported by cherubim.

Lower Light: Lamb of God with flag of resurrection

Left Panel upper: the Patriarchs - Moses with staff - Noah with Ark - Abraham with fire of sacrifice.

Lower Left Panel: Apostles - Peter with key - James with pilgrim staff & bottle - Andrew with saltire cross - John the Evangelist with cup.

Upper Right Panel: Prophets - Daniel with Lion - Jeremiah & prison gate - Isaiah with Lamb of God.

Lower Right Panel: Martyrs with objects of martyrdom – Stephen - stones Catherine - wheel, a king and bishop unknown. All hold Palms of Victory.

CHANCEL WINDOWS (by Cox & Buckley)

The Good Shepherd

The Blessed Virgin Mary, with crowned M device.


The clock was supplied by JE Smith of Derby in 1890,

in memory of William Lake Johnson Cooley, Vicar of Rennington & Rock, 1860 -78.

The bell was cast by John Warner & Sons of Leeds and weighs 5cwt and is operated by Tap Hammer.

© J & A Thompson 2005 - edited Paul N I Weston  September 2019