Church of England Diocese of Newcastle Rennington and Rock

Parish Roll of Honour WWII 1939-1945

Names of those from this Parish on active service for their King and Country


Lewis Irving

Edward Hall

John G Milne

F Milne

William White

Joseph Tait  RIP

Jack Galbraith

James Forsyth

F Chisholm

James Ewart

Joseph Gordon

John Cockburn

David Cockburn

Thomas Richardson

Stan Galbraith

Herbert Clive Ridley

Robert Stephenson

Robert Brown

John Ed Henderson

David Winchester

Robert Mallen

Sidney Shell

John Ed Thompson

Raymond Milne

Norman Gorden

John Watson Turnbull

John White

Kenneth Wightman

George Robert Dunn

Andrew Younger

John Younger


Olive Wilson

Betty Winchester

Dorothy Currah

Rita White

Joyce Turnbull

Mary Currah(Levin)

Sidney Shell


Thomas Woodcock

William White

Arthur Wilson

William Morton

John White

Norman Wake

Raymond Milne

Thomas Rowan

William Cockburn

William Harle

Robert Milne

Thomas Hudson

Richard Hardy

John Ed Henderson

John Turnbull

Robert White

J. Ernest Milne

William Thompson

George Henderson

R. Hall

W. Turnbull

Adam Turnbull

J. Currah

J. Thompson

Norman Gordon

William Fletcher

F. Williams

R. Dunn 

The Original of this list hangs in the Church Porch