Rennington & Rock Roll of Honour WW1 1914-18

                                     Rennington and Rock Roll of Honour WW1 1914 - 18

This Roll of Honour contains a list of 132 people in all, who lived in the Civil Parish at that time, who made a significant contribution to the war effort, including some who died in action. There is a strong possibility that more men were killed in action who are not recorded. It is interesting to note that over 60 of the Roll served with the Northumberland Fusiliers (the local regiment), the remaining served with various Army Regiments; 4 served with the Royal Navy, and 1 as a Cadet in the Royal Air Force. It has been suggested that the choice of service may have been linked to family tradition, school or university.

The list includes two nurses:

1 Red Cross Nurse and 1 Queen Alexander Imperial Nursing Service Nurse. (This nurse, Alison Reay, is also recorded as working abroad in military hospitals.)

2 women who served with the Women’s Land Army. 23,000 women were recruited throughout the country and worked many hours in the countryside performing farming tasks in the absence of the men .

The country could not have survived without the Women’s Land Army.

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