Barham Church tower previously housed four bells, which before long would have been completely derelict and a possible danger. The last peal on the bells was rung in 1947 and the bells were in a bad state of repair then!

Before the pandemic the PCC has voted to restore and augment the bells, adding two new bells to make a ring of six in a new steel frame further down the tower.

As the bells will be rung from the ground floor, which is our current main entrance into church, we will also need to improve the hall entrance at some stage  so that it can be used more frequently as the entrance/exit. However the PCC decided to delay this whilst we consider possible improvements to the kitchen and toilet facilities For the future we plan new glass doors for the tower which will hopefully improve the draft situation as well as allow us to watch the ringers ring the bells. We hope to install a small screen and camera so that we can watch the bells ringing from inside the church.

As well as restoring and reviving the history of Barham Church, we’ll also be providing an extra service to the community. Not only will wedding couples be able to have the bells at weddings, but we hope to reach out into the village to recruit new ringers, invite local schools to explore the bells, tower and church history, and welcome visiting ringers from all over the country who wish to ring the bells.

Sadly the pandemic delayed consideration of our grant applications and the work on the bells and the tower was completed in late 2020 without the funding in place. We are therefore still seeking to raise the majority of the cost and are very grateful to the bell foundry for their patience.

Thanks to the sponsorship of the two new bells and previous fundraising we have been able to pay for about a third of the work completed. Our project manager for this project Paul Corbett tel: 01473 830201


See below for project update as at December 2020

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