Church of England Diocese of Rochester St. Luke, New Brompton

Other Churches by the Cutts brothers.....

The brothers J E K and J P Cutts, who were the original architects of St Luke's, were well-known in the late 19th and early 20th centuries for their simple but robust churches.  We are grateful to them for providing us with a lovely church, and we are also grateful to the builders for their use of good materials, and for their fine craftsmanship. Other examples of the Cutts' work in this Diocese are St Barnabas, Gillingham, and St Barnabas, Tunbridge Wells.  We have found a link to photographs of some of their churches in London - here it is:

(Editor's very personal note - Christ Church, Fulham, is not dissimilar to St Luke's, albeit a few years older, and just shows what could be done with our own under-used west end.  Not sure I'd want to make room for a drum-kit, but, 'horses for courses....' This sort of sensible adaptation of old churches doesn't come cheap, so if anyone's got £1 million or so to spare, please contact the Editor!)