PLEASE feel free to use this list to PRAY for ALL who live and/or work in the roads of the parish of St Luke’s.

You may not know where all these roads are, and there are some new streets being built (or existing ones renamed!) on the Chatham Waters/Victory Pier developments, but we'll try to keep the list as accurate, and up-to-date, as we can.

The idea is to pray each day for the roads of that particular date.

Say something like this, for instance, on the 2nd day of the month:

‘Lord, I pray for ALL in Milburn Road, and Sidney Road, as they know the joys and sorrows of daily life.

I lift to you any who are sick – any who are unemployed – and any who have just been born, or who are marking birthdays, and special anniversaries.

Lord, please be close to them all. 


1st Richmond Rd & Burnt Oak School

2nd Milburn Rd & Sidney Rd

3rd Virginia Rd & King William Rd

4th Exmouth Rd & St Andrews Rd

5th Medway Rd & Compass House

6th Medway Police Station & Premier Inn Hotel

7th Kelly Drive & Augusta Close

8th Burns Rd & Charter St

9th Wyles St & Latimer Place

10th Clifton Rd & St Mary’s Rd

11th Stanley Rd & Trinity Rd

12th Laurel Rd & St George’s Rd

13th Saunders St & Strover St

14th Johnson Avenue (& those who walk or drive along Purser Way)

15th Wharf Rd & Bridge Rd

16th Burnt Oak Terrace & Rosebery Rd

17th Brooklyn Paddock & Cornwall Rd

18th Chatsworth Rd & Devonshire Rd

19th Victoria St & The Ridgeway

20th Leslie Rd & Camden Rd

21st Shottenden Rd & Baden Rd

22nd Milner Rd, Parr Ave & Corporation Rd

23rd Pier Rd & Pier Approach Rd

24th Macdonald Rd, Cleveland Rd & Garfield Rd

25th Hamilton Rd, Selbourne Rd & Lincoln Rd

26th Dynamo Way, Prospect Place & Prospect Court

27th Otway St, Pearl Lane & Blake Avenue

28th Pegasus Way, Ocean Drive & Gillingham Gate Rd

29th Congregation members who live outside the parish

30th A greater love for Jesus by everyone who lives and/or works inside the parish

31st All who have moved from this parish – wherever they are now

If you need prayer for anything, or anybody, please contact Father Garry Jenkins on 01634 580433