4. COVID-19

The church is OPEN for services.

Here is the link to the C of E's website, with general guidance notes:


Please read the above-mentioned notes for further information - they will be updated as and when required.

We encourage the continued use of hand sanitizers on entering and leaving, and face-coverings are recommended.  Please respect the wishes of those who want to maintain some form of social distancing, including those who prefer not to physically exchange The Peace.  

The Chalice (cup) is being offered again at the time of Communion, but please DO NOT FEEL ANY PRESSURE to receive from the Chalice,

The Church teaches that the Sacrament is received FULLY IN ONE KIND.

If you do want to receive from the Chalice, please DO NOT intinct (dip) the wafer in the consecrated wine  – just take a sip from the Chalice. This is good hygienic practice.