The Parish Nurse

A PARISH NURSE is now working in our area!

The Parish Nurse seeks to provide WHOLE PERSON HEALTH CARE (mind, body AND spirit) through a local Church Community - in this case, the Bridge Baptist Church. These nurses, part of Parish Nursing Ministries UK, support the physical, mental, social, and spiritual health of local people. Help from a Parish Nurse is available to people of ALL AGES, ALL BACKGROUNDS, ALL RELIGIONS and NONE!

The Nurse is Niki Lownds, who has been a Registered General Nurse for over 30 years. You can contact her on her mobile 07821 903884 or by email at [email protected] She is based at Bridge House, 37 Medway Road, ME7 1NL.

This service IS COMPLETELY FREE, and is for those living in the North Gillingham area. 

You can also contact the Bridge Baptist Church leader, Clive Waters, on 07821 903797 or by email at [email protected]