Church of England Diocese of Newcastle Longframlington with Brinkburn

We need your help to reduce our carbon footprint!

15 Jan 2021, midnight

The Church of England General Synod last year made a commitment that the Church of England would achieve net zero by 2030 by eliminating CO2 emissions from church buildings large and small across the country. This challenge is now being picked up by dioceses and parishes. There are big issues to be  tackled nationally and in the diocese - including church offices, church schools and clergy travel - but here in Longframlington our principal challenge is all the oil we burn to heat a beautiful but cold church. 

This challenge also represents a tremendous opportunity to engage our congregation and others in the village with caring for God’s creation not only in our church but in all aspects of our lives. Our PCC have accepted this challenge, registered St Mary’s in the A Rocha Eco Church scheme, and agreed to set up an Environment Group to lead action on environmental improvement in the church, in our lives and in the village. We invite volunteers (church members and others) prepared to work together, to come up with ideas, persuade others and to facilitate improvement in God’s world in the church and in our area. 

For more information or to volunteer, please contact Roger Horne