Church of England Diocese of Newcastle Longframlington with Brinkburn

St Mary's and the Environment

As Christians we give thanks for the world that God created, and we recognise our responsibility to do our  bit to take care of it.  As yet we have not formalised our own environmental policy, but as part of the Church of England we subscribe to the church's national policies, which were updated at a recent meeting of the General Synod.  Watch this space!

One aspect of the global environment that has a high profile these days is global  warming due to human effects such as carbon emissions.  Most of our emissions at St Mary's are from our heating.  We have an old, beautiful but thermally inefficient building.  To achieve temperatures in the church that are comfortable for 21st century humans beings, we have to use a lot of heating, which is currently oil-fired, and therefore has a heavy carbon footprint.  Our electricity consumption, mostly for lighting, is relatively small by comparison, but as we purchase our electricity through the Church of England Energy Basket all the electricity we use is from renewable sources: see certificate below

Green_Energy_certificate_2019_St_Marys, PDF