Help me to pray!

Resources to help us pray 

There have never been more ways to pray! Apart from our prayers in church, we can pray by ourselves or with others - Jesus promised to be there wherever “two or three are gathered together” -whether in twos or threes or larger gatherings.  And had he been on earth today he might have added "in person or online."  

We’ve listed some different options to help you pray during the week. Try different approaches to find what is best for you.

Whatever you try, let us know how you get on. Is there a resource that particularly helps you – and that others should try? And please also let us know if you spot any errors or any of the links are not working

Hard Copy Resources

You can download a variety of printed resources from this website. Some of them may be available as hard copies in the church, or can be provided as hard copies if you let us know – email [email protected]

Morning Prayer Worship at Home – a small simple booklet you can use each morning containing Bible readings and prayers. Download here

Evening Prayer Worship at Home - a small simple booklet you can use each evening containing Bible readings and prayers. Download here

Daily prayers in 10 and 30 minutes – a leaflet you can use if you want to pray either for 10 minutes following a simple PRAY format, or for 30 minutes (this uses the Lord’s prayer as a structure). Download here

Resources you can find on the internet

Daily prayer (Church of England) – traditional prayer at its best, following the lectionary readings. Depending on when you want to pray, you can choose from Morning Prayer, Prayer during the Day, Evening Prayer and Night Prayer. All these services include prayers and Bible readings. Just click this link or copy the link into your browser:

Topical Prayers (Church of England) - prayers covering a wide range of topics, which will vary over time. See attachment for the links available at the time this web page was last updated.

Celtic Daily Prayer (Northumbria Community) – traditional prayer Celtic style with a reflective feel to it. You can choose Morning, Midday or Evening Prayer. All these services include prayers and Bible readings. Just click this link or put the link into your browser:

The Bridgetown Daily (Bridgetown Church, Portland, Oregon) –This church has a rhythm of daily prayer: morning, midday and evening, with a simple approach that can be used by individuals or families. Web address

Resources you can access through your phone

Time to Pray App and Podcast (Church of England) – A simple pattern of Day and Night Prayer. Two short services daily, each around 8 minutes, which can be accessed by a free app or an online audio podcast

Daily Prayer is a Church of England app enabling you to follow Morning, Evening and Night Prayer, wherever you are. It is available as an app (with integrated audio) or as an audio podcast. For more details and links to the IOS and Android apps and the podcasts, see this page on the Church of England website.

The app provides the services of Morning, Evening and Night Prayer, with the facility to switch between Contemporary and Traditional formats: subscribe for an annual fee of just £2.99. The free audio podcast offers Common Worship Morning and Evening Prayer services only.

Reflections for Daily Prayer App, available through Church House Publishing, supplements the Daily Prayer App, offering reflections on the Morning Prayer lectionary reading for the day.

Lectio 365 app (from 24-7 prayer) – is a simple free app that uses prayers and scripture, available with an audio option as well as simply on the screen.

Inner Room, another app from 24-7 Prayer, claims to turn one of our biggest distractions, our mobile phones, into a portable prayer tool. It then prompts prayer at pre-programmed times each day for topics nominated by, and therefore appropriate to, the user.

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