Charities we support

Members of St Mary's support a number of different charities.  A record of the charities we supported financially last year can be found in our Annual Report, although support is not necessarily all financial.

Here in the UK we are currently coping with coronavirus, but we recognise that other parts of the world do not have access to the resources we do, so in recent years we have supported the Disasters Emergency Committee's appeals for support for Yemen, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Syria, and most recently Ukraine.  Apart from famine as a result of climate issues, all of these areas have been battered by conflict leading to many refugees.    

In June 2019 we had visitors from Tanzania, telling us about Tearfund's Church and Community Mobiilsation Process (CCMP) in the Morogoro Diocese in Tanzania.  Since then we have received an update on the work there, with more on Hellen and Wilson whose way of life has changed as they have adopted conservation farming to improve their land and protect their ability to feed their family.  Their lives have been completely transformed through their involvement with this project, which addresses all the community's needs, physical and spiritual, rather than just trying to relieve poverty.  See download below for the latest information.  

One of the partner dioceses of our own Newcastle Diocese is the Diocese of Botswana in southern Africa.  The church and its people have suffered badly because of coronavirus, and when we were asked  by their Bishop to particularly remember them in our prayers in October 2021, St Mary's decided we should also provide some financial support at the end of the year.


Tearfund has issued practical guidance on what we can do about disasters around the world.... and how we can encourage G7 leaders to adopt global policies to minimise future disasters.

We encourage you to follow one of the hyperlinks to access material to save or print off to help you pray for:

- Our government and all the other G7 leaders 

- Future disasters when they happen: the prayer points can be applied whether the disaster is caused by floods, drought, wildfires or civil war

For more details go to the Tearfund website or click here to download a summary version that can be read on a mobile phone screen 


Tearfund also encourages us to pray for climate Justice:

What does the Lord require of you? Do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God

There is so much injustice in this world

· In this country we take far more than our fair share of the world’s resources: contributing to the shortages of food and other necessary resources at the root of conflicts around the world.

· We in the UK have prioritised vaccinating our own people before thinking of those in poorer nations

· Our thoughtless use of fossil fuels puts greenhouse gases into the atmosphere causing global warming – with droughts, floods and gales disproportionately affecting those in poorer countries

· In the UK, non-white members of the community experience discrimination in access to the services they need and in their treatment by police and other official bodies

· Countries like the UK benefit from arms sales to poorer nations, contributing to prosperity here, but fuelling conflict and persecution in other nations, including persecution of minorities

Lord God,

We want to answer your call to act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with you. On Good Friday we marked the day that Jesus was unjustly executed: challenge us to be a voice and a force for justice in our lives, our communities and across the Earth. Amen.
This brief meditation and prayer, broadly based on a Tearfund Lent publication, can be downloaded below


Other charities we support include

The Children's Society - supported by collecting boxes and through the Christingle service each year.  During the coronavirus pandemic the Archbishop of Canterbury made an appeal for supporters to pray for Children's Society staff and their work with children especially at risk at this time.  We work with the most vulnerable young people. We listen. We support. We act. Because we believe no child should feel alone.

Christian Aid - working closely with our friends at Longframlington United Reformed Church we arrange coffee mornings and other fundraising to support this international relief charity

Alzheimer's Society - for whom we  raised over £1800 through the Great Longframlington Cream Tea held in the village Memorial Hall in the summer of 2019

Alnwick District Food Bank - for whom we have a collection box always available in the church porch, and for whom we collected a substantial quantity of non-perishable items and cash at the time of our 2020 Harvest and Christmas celebrations, at a time when food bank clients were exceptionally hard pressed.  We are grateful to our members and the other local residents who contribute regularly to the Food Bank box in the porch

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