Church of England Diocese of Newcastle Longframlington with Brinkburn

Online Worship

During the coronavirus lockdown we worked with our friends at St Michael's Felton to provide an online Sunday service every week.  Now that church services have resumed, the need for online worship has reduced, but we are conscious that there are some for whom online Christian worship is really valuable, so we continue to provide a weekly online service.  This page also provides links to other services beyond our parishes, both nationally and locally.

Our own online service is a 25-minute edited recording of the Felton Sunday service each week: because of the need to edit it cannot be posted online until later on the Sunday or at latest by the Monday.  Over the summer period the services will focus on some of the psalms rather than following the lectionary readings.

The theme on Sunday 25th July is Psalm 139 - The Inescapable God.  Click here to access the online service  - available from 09:00 Sunday morning this week as the service has been pre-recorded

Click here to access all the online services on our YouTube channel, including the one from last Sunday.

For those who can't wait for their Sunday morning online service, other services are available, including the following:

Newcastle Cathedral has live online services of Morning Worship on Sunday mornings at 10:00 and Evensong at 16:00, with recordings available thereafter. These services are generally in the traditional choral style to be expected in a cathedral, although the morning services also use modern video material on occasion. Past services are also available on their YouTube channel and are easily accessed from the cathedral website

The Church of England transmits a national online morning service, generally from a parish church somewhere in the Church of England, every Sunday at 09:00 from its website. Past services, as well as other worship options, can also be located on this site

And of course our local URC friends stream their Sunday services at 11:00 each week, with the link advertised in Ed Butlin's postings in the Facebook Longframlington and Longframlington Village Groups.  Past services are always accessible in their YouTube folder