Church of England Diocese of Chelmsford Great Totham

Bible Study Group


We enjoy learning together what God is saying to our modern world through Scripture. We meet in The Honywood, Hall Road on Wednesday mornings beginning at 10.30. The setting is informal and friendly and we welcome all. Refreshments served.

We began the year with a series on The Acts Of The Apostles, which is a detailed history of the beginnings of the Christian Church, authored by Dr Luke who also wrote the third Gospel. We entitled it Back To The Future because we wanted to imply moving forward as a church might require a look backwards to how the early church operated two thousand years ago. As it is a long book we paused the series while we had our Lent & Easter programme.

After Easter we resumed Acts until our break for the Summer holidays. A welcome chance to recharge our little grey brain cells, as Hercule Poirot would say!

For the Autumn we chose to look at the Second Advent / Coming of Jesus in the book of Thessalonians (St Paul) and Matthew’s Gospel. Admittedly we found ourselves challenged at times.

To take us up to Christmas we wanted something a little different so set out with Moses for the Exodus and the journey to the Promised Land. Because the life of Moses has some characteristics to Our Lord’s we are finding this rewarding.Christmas will see us re-living the wonderful story of Our Saviour's birth.

We are encouraged and blessed by one another and give thanks for God's love and mercies.

For more information - contact Paul Smith 01621-893153 [email protected]