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Bible Study Group (Temporarily) in Church Extension

BIBLE STUDY GROUP – update Summer 2020

Well, what a challenging interesting year it has been, so far!

We wanted to start the year with a character study so chose Moses. A wonderfully complex character in what was the most critical period in the history of the so called Children of Israel.

After over four hundred years in captivity, finally a leader arose who was able to lead them to freedom. But it wasn’t easy to say the least. A time of thrilling miracles and startling setbacks tested both Moses and the people again and again.

After thirteen weeks with the arrival of Lent in March we broke off and chose a study course entitled Superstar based on the musical Jesus Christ Superstar. Some of the questions posed were interesting and challenging, for example: “Jesus Christ superstar, do you think you’re what they say you are?” (Pilate to Jesus) “Prove to me that you’re divine, change my water into wine!” (Herod to Jesus) And, poignantly “I don’t know how to love him” (Mary Magdalene to Jesus)

Then, suddenly and unexpectedly, lockdown! No need to elaborate, sad to say we had to leave our Lent studies and leave poor Moses in the wilderness. We never saw the Promised Land, though ofcourse that is our intended destination!

Thankfully we can now plan to restart in September, we usually take a break during the summer school holidays anyway, and have chosen the wonderful Gospel of John as our subject. St John’s Gospel is unique as it was the last one written long after the events took place so is a reflective study leaving out much that the other Gospels include and concentrating on who Jesus is

Details: Every Wednesday in St Peter’s Church extension commencing 10.30 a.m sharp until 11.30with an additional social time outside weather permitting. The current Covid 19 restrictions will apply.

Paul Smith 01621-893153 [email protected]

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