Honywood (The)

History of The Honywood School - Grade II Listed.  

Located in Hall Road, Great Totham.

The Honywood family of Marks Hall, Coggeshall owned most of the village of Great Totham from the middle of the 18th century to the end of the 19th. They were, variously, lords of the manor, lay rectors and benefactors of village and church.

The former school building you see here was erected by William Honywood and opened in 1857. The Honywood coat of arms can be seen over the door.

After the Board School was established in School Road in 1876 The Honywood was mainly used for Sunday School, although in 1884 it was fitted up as a reading room.

It was extended in 1898 and is now in regular use as a parish and community room under the care and keeping of St. Peter's Parish Church.

More information may be found in the church guide.

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