Hymns for 10th May - recorded by Mel, St. Paul's Church Organist

Our organist, Mel, is recording hymns week by week on her organ at home. She's posting videos of them, complete with the hymn words, on her YouTube channel. <span style="font-size: 1rem;">The four hymns scheduled for 09:00 on Sunday 10th May have been recorded and uploaded as usual. They are:</span>

AMNS 128 Thou art the way by thee alone - https://youtu.be/XEzu7eLY9e4

SHF 598 What a friend we have in Jesus - https://youtu.be/ZnqnTEOlnL8

AHON 156 Do not be afraid - https://youtu.be/-cdfw1KL8vM

SHF 559 To God be the Glory - https://youtu.be/8MDSnrvgKYY

<span style="font-size: 1rem;">Mel writes:-</span>

In addition I’ve also been asked to record ‘Guide me O thou great redeemer’ for parishes in the Turton Moorland Team Ministry. I have therefore included a link to that at - https://youtu.be/V2Vfy3UNb-c.

I’m grateful for the garden at the Canon Lewis Hall in the parish of Holcombe&Hawkshaw which features in ‘Thou art the way’. As always, the growing archive continues at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLs5IoS2IOMGxrJvKSpvEWHqNMEbhgo7y0