Hymns & Music for 18th April, recorded by Mel, St. Paul's Church Organist

The hymns suggested this week for online use are all taken from the archive over the past year. Easter season goes on until we reach Pentecost on the eight Sunday of Easter, after which we enter Ordinary time. The Easter theme is reflected most clearly in two of the hymns.

SHF 532 There is a green hill far away - https://youtu.be/Ac71j1EtsIo

AHONb 352 In Christ alone - https://youtu.be/PSi89qAbdeQ

AMNS 131 Love divine, all loves excelling - https://youtu.be/gF80S-YrsKA

SHF 54 Christ is made the sure foundation - https://youtu.be/HHpU8vJw9UA

In addition, last Sunday the closing voluntary was “Christ lag in Todesbanden”, “Christ lay in death’s bonds”. It can be heard at https://youtu.be/vVGFJjgrj7c

The service also included a reflective ramble that ties in with this weekend’s Royal funeral. The improvisation can be heard at https://youtu.be/AkbTW2al8Fw

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