Hymns & Music for 26th July recorded by Mel, St. Paul's Church Organist

This week's four hymns are here.

AMNS 240 Teach me my God and king - https://youtu.be/JQsKMpFKv6E

SHF 471 Seek ye first the kingdom - https://youtu.be/WvqPTsVVrdE

SHF 361 Man of Sorrows - https://youtu.be/gIqt5NEr5vY

AMNS 105 All creatures of our God and king - https://youtu.be/QwKHeyd5SG0

In addition, for those not able to attend last Sunday's first service back in church, here are two items recorded during it. One is a piece by Handel, used as the closing voluntary. - https://youtu.be/0kIzV5toURo

The other is an item that was used as part of the service as an aid to private prayer. It is a meditation that picks up on a theme Julian mentioned in the service: 'This is the day that the Lord hath made' - https://youtu.be/HjLKHKVaO_k.