Hymns for St. Luke's Day, 18th October 2020, recorded by Mel, St. Paul's Church Organist

Mel writes:

This week's hymns suggested for our online service include two that might not be familiar. The first is one written by Rt Rev Timothy Dudley-Smith, the renowned hymn writer and now retired bishop of Thetford in E Anglia. The title make's clear its relevance to St Luke's day on Sunday 18th October. The tune is the very familiar 'Aurelia' by Wesley, often used with "The church's one foundation". The other item perhaps new as a congregational hymn is Vaughan Williams setting of text by that great mystic poet and priest, George Herbert who was born at the end of 16th century.

AHON 645b Saint Luke, beloved physician - https://youtu.be/9OqYWJcxG1s

SHF 295 Jesus, the very thought of thee - https://youtu.be/YPZtxTYeFIA

CP 405b Come my way my truth my life - https://youtu.be/VK8vwl5JEXY

AMNS 112 God moves in a mysterious way - https://youtu.be/oLkaw-9tC3A

I probably wouldn’t propose “Come my way” for use in church, although it does appear (albeit in a simplified version) in the Presbyterian Church Hymnary 4, the US Episcopal Hymnal 1982 and also unsimplified in Common Praise. You might enjoy the words and music and even signing along, in the privacy of your own home!