Hymns & Music for 14th February 2021 recorded by Mel, St. Paul's Church Organist

Mel writes:

This week our readings depart from the lectionary to reflect the impact God's love has on us as the world marks Valentine's Day and so the suggested hymns follow in that direction. While human love is wonderful as many know, at times it brings pain but we Christians are lucky, always having God's love. The four hymns this week were all recorded using the organ of St Anne's, Turton and my thanks go to their vicar and organist.

CP 442 God is love let heaven adore him - https://youtu.be/ih8nuX9ldtI

When love is found and hope comes home (O waly waly) - https://youtu.be/Y5wXB2rZhQQ

SHF 14 A new commandment I give unto you - https://youtu.be/90fGJIM1BnQ

SHF 213 In heavenly love abiding - https://youtu.be/_aVc8mTeoe0

The second is not in our books but was written by the living poet and URC minister, Brian Wren and uses the tune 'O waly waly'. I know some local churches including Turton have been using our Astley Bridge hymn archive but hymnody is worldwide and shortly after placing this week's on YouTube, I got a message from the desert city of Palm Springs in California. The second hymn (When love is found) was unknown to the viewer there but he told me how his husband of 42 years had died just a few weeks ago and how helpful he found the words. Our love for each other, echoing God's love for us not only make the world go round, but it goes around the world and is for all.

I'm continuing to add evening hymns to our archive and this week the 'bonus items' are:

AMR 17 O strength and stay - https://youtu.be/xnS1a0vvfB8

AMR23 Glory to thee, my God this night - https://youtu.be/AB0FcRMx8gw

Best wishes,