Church of England Diocese of Manchester Astley Bridge

Hymns & Music for 28th February recorded by Mel, St. Paul's Church Organist

Years ago, I used to enjoy services led by the late Pastor Robert Schuller from the 'Crystal Cathedral' in Garden Grove California, not to be confused with the ongoing programme of that name on the Trinity Broadcast Network. A major attraction for me was the superb music programme, not only with large choir and orchestra but their huge organ, getting on for twice the size of that in Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral! Attending Crystal Cathedral services in person, leaving my TBird in the huge parking lot, not to mention the service itself, was an experience I'll not forget. A hymn they frequently used was "We've a story to tell to the nations" and I'm taking the opportunity of introducing it this week among our suggested hymns.

Another two of this week’s hymns were used earlier in the year but I'm again going beyond our hymn books with two others. One of these was a suggestion from Rev. Julian as being a helpful use of the tune "Highland Cathedral". This gave me an excuse to drone on even more than I do usually!

The God of Abraham praise -

My life flows on (How can I keep from singing) -

We've a story to tell to the nations -

I am the bread of life -

Father again in Jesus' name -

This week's bonus item ensures we don't forget the season we are in and is one of J S Bach’s Lenten chorale preludes. He sets a text that translates as 'Have mercy, my God, for the sake of my tears', a paraphrase from Psalm 51.

Erbarm' dich mein, o Herre Gott -

All best regards,