Hymns & Music for 6th September recorded by Mel, St. Paul's Church Organist

Mel writes: 

The texts this week range from translated 15C Latin to totally contemporary. Arguably, we go even further back with some verses from Psalm 119, set here to Anglican chant, something we neglect in our worship at St Paul’s. It also happens to be one of this week's readings and there’ll be a pointed and chant set psalm next week too. I've also included a link to a recording made this week of the item I'll be offering as prayer reflection music at our service in church.

Beauty for brokenness - https://youtu.be/QpXUmqC1nYc

Psalm 119 (part) - https://youtu.be/rfdeZPrDf-M

Alleluia sing to Jesus - https://youtu.be/-Lzgneitm3E

To the name of our salvation - https://youtu.be/3qY-2bbdzSc

Brahms chorale prelude - https://youtu.be/ihh23TgljU0

All best regards,