Hymns for 21st June - recorded by Mel, St. Paul's Church Organist

Mel writes:

It has been a busy week with six items added to the hymn archive. I recorded two of them using the organ of St Paul’s Church but it was tricky as it kept misbehaving even more than the organist! I had to keep leaving off from playing and clambering inside and it really needs a maintenance visit before we regard it as in proper order. As last week, I have also recorded one of the psalms appointed for this Sunday, boosting the four hymns to five items. The sixth is an extra one for the Turton Moorland Team Ministry and is a hymn written by Peter Reiss using the tune with the well known chorus “Sing Hosanna”.

In the past week use of this music archive was requested by the Diocese of Manchester Digital Support Group and the Manchester Diocese Liturgy and Worship groups, both on Facebook. It is good to know it is finding a use in churches near home as well as several on other continents!

CP 622 Will you come and follow me - https://youtu.be/vfhAJ4HHibs

AMNS 235 O Jesus I have promised - https://youtu.be/0Si_2jdNaYs

CP 519 Make me a channel of your peace - https://youtu.be/r6P-Njkc-D0

CP 81 Lord for the years - https://youtu.be/VADYZSa-kD8

Thank you God for the gift of creation (Peter Reiss) - https://youtu.be/-6PhpAczbzY

Psalm 86 : vv11-16 - https://youtu.be/2QfGkFd0m_k

I might make next week a simple one, but then perhaps things will conspire against that!

Kind regards