Hymns & Music for 22nd November recorded by Mel, St. Paul's Church Organist

This week three of the four hymns scheduled for St Paul’s were recorded earlier in the year. That doesn’t mean I’ve been short of things to record with both our parish Christmas project and the Diocesan one requiring music recording. Those who’ve signed up for our on-line singing team will be getting backing tracks very soon, and there’s plenty of scope for more of you to join in.

The four items proposed to Julian as possibilities for inclusion in the on-line service are all found here. I have to confess, despite Graham Kendrick being a bête noire for some traditional organists, I greatly value several of his pieces and I enjoyed recording Meekness and majesty.

AMNS 139 Rejoice, the Lord is King - https://youtu.be/DT4-oZ7d8Ck

SHF 471 Seek ye first the kingdom - https://youtu.be/WvqPTsVVrdE

AHONb 507 Meekness and majesty - https://youtu.be/-gkHFwlOihc

AHON 309 Lord enthroned in heavenly splendour - https://youtu.be/-hl6ChqkEXY

This Sunday is of course “Stir Up Sunday”, derived from the collect of the day (“stir up in our hearts, O Lord…”) and often a time for Christmas pudding making. Canon Peter Reiss at Turton has written a hymn I first met last year when helping out there. I’ve recorded it and include it here as a bonus item. Stir up, stir up for Jesus - https://youtu.be/_YQA4HCpZpA.

Kind regards,