Church of England Diocese of Manchester Astley Bridge

Hymns & Music for 21st February recorded by Mel, St. Paul's Church Organist

The reading from Mark’s Gospel this week tells of the baptism of Jesus and a 20th century hymn by Rev Fred Pratt Green sets this story to an old familiar tune. Now fuelled by pancakes we are ready for Lent and the second hymn has a strong feeling of Ash Wednesday speaking of purging etc. The old testament lesson tells of the emergence of the earth from God's cleansing with the flood Noah sailed on and seems a great reason to explore the idea of 'good news rainbows'. One of the hymns is perhaps something familiar from many school days repertoires. The final hymn comes from the hymnbook section headed "Pilgrimage".

When Jesus came to Jordan -

Lord Jesus, think on me -

Who put the colours in the rainbow? -

O God of Bethel, by whose hand -

Continuing the addition of evening hymns, this week features:

Saviour again to thy dear name we raise -


The day thou gavest Lord is ended -

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