Hymns & Music for 7th March recorded by Mel, St. Paul's Church Organist

I’ve suggested starting with a bible paraphrase hymn set to a Fijian folk tune. To relieve the tedium of an organist as a backdrop to the scrolling words, I’ve featured some scenes from recent walks near my home. The second hymn is a recent discovery for me, and set to a good tune by Vaughan Williams. After Karen Lafferty’s modern hymn, my closing suggesting is the well tested “Trust and obey”.

SHF 547 This is the day that the Lord hath made - https://youtu.be/ZulUr_tdqrQ

Spirit of God who dwells within my heart - https://youtu.be/_w3F93UkBwo

SHF 471 Seek ye first the kingdom of God - https://youtu.be/WvqPTsVVrdE

SHF 605 When we walk with the Lord (Trust and obey) - https://youtu.be/Wjo9COK5Mys

One of this week’s bonuses is a chorale prelude on the tune ‘Caswall’, used for the hymn “Glory be to Jesus”. It is unusual in having the tune played on the pedals and was composed by Peter Hurford who died exactly two years before me recording this on Wednesday. He was one time organist of St Alban’s Cathedral and a very influential figure in the UK music world.

Caswall by Peter Hurford - https://youtu.be/MSc7gqQe3VA

I have also included two more evening hymns and these were recorded on the little organ of Emmanuel Holcombe, the church on the side of Holcombe Hill. My thanks to the organist, wardens and rector there for allowing me to borrow their building and instrument.

The duteous day now closeth - https://youtu.be/0fHby3i6ErE

At even ere the sun was set - https://youtu.be/Fa8QPbAmb7g