Hymns & Music for 15th August 2021 recorded by Mel, St. Paul's Church Organist

Mel, St. Paul's Church Organist, writes:

In Sunday's epistle to the Ephesians, St Paul provides us with two pointers, one of which is not to get drunk with wine, which perhaps leaves open the option indulge in alternatives! Even more valuably, his other direction is to "sing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs among yourselves, singing and making melody to the Lord in your hearts". I'm glad we can once more do that in our churches.

'When in our music God is glorified' is just one of many hymns by Rev Fred Pratt Green. Born in Knowsley, he was a Methodist Minister who was still writing hymns until he was 85, twelve years before his death in 2000. He said his aim was to "fill the gap between the hymns of the first part of this century and the 'far-out' compositions that have crowded into some churches in the last decade or more". As well as writing his own poems, and his hymns are undoubtedly poetry, he translated one of Dietrich Bonhoeffer's as the hymn, 'By gracious powers so wonderfully sheltered'.

Today's Gospel from St John develops the recent theme of the mystery of the bread of life and 'Sweet sacrament' is one of many hymns on that topic.

The tune for 'Be thou my vision' is called 'Slane', an Irish traditional tune named after the hill in County Meath where St. Patrick lit an Easter fire in defiance of the 5th century pagan king Loegaire. Patrick's faith led to him being granted freedom to preach the gospel in Ireland.

SHF 38 Be thou my vision - https://youtu.be/xmVt3N4y-_Q

CP 618 When in our music God is glorified - https://youtu.be/xJY3mn5krYw

CP 324 Sweet Sacrament divine - https://youtu.be/qD2xO5ARMQc

AMNS 192 Praise, my soul, the King of heaven - https://youtu.be/Xa_aTJ5Xfx8