Hymns & Music for 27th June 2021 recorded by Mel, St. Paul's Church Organist

Mel, St. Paul's Church Organist, writes:

Son of God, eternal saviour was written by Somerset Corry Lowry who was ordained in 1879. When this hymn was published in 1907 he was vicar of St Augustine's in Bournemouth. The tune is by Henry Smart who was a London organist and also consultant on several organ design projects including Leeds Town Hall. He died, aged 66 and for final quarter of his life was totally blind.

This Sunday's Old Testament readings including the Psalms all deal with death. The Gospel reading features Christ's healing of the haemorrhaging woman and the restoration to life of a 12 year old girl. Do not be afraid addresses many of our fears and has become a popular funeral hymn, though the second verse has questionable relevance for a crematorium service!

The final two hymns address different aspects of Jesus' meekness, the first in a way not always fashionable today, though I recall it from my Sunday School days. The second by Graham Kendrick reconciles the seeming contradictions of frailty and meekness with the wisdom, strength and power of God.

AMNS 132 Son of God, eternal Saviour - https://youtu.be/HvrsLOTx5Ak

AHON 156 Do not be afraid - exists - https://youtu.be/-cdfw1KL8vM

SoP 356 Gentle Jesus meek and mild - https://youtu.be/J4pcp497CpQ

AHONb 507 Meekness and majesty - exists - https://youtu.be/-gkHFwlOihc